10 Idioms With An Easter And Spring Flavour To Them | English With A Twist

I’m back! It feels really good to be back on firm ground after a week spent on a narrowboat on a canal in Wales. This was our home for the week. Having said that, waking up to views such as this is hard to beat. Good Morning, sunshine. And cruising along a canal that looks like this is simply heavenly. But return we must and it’s not so bad when you have the season of spring and Easter to look forward to. Just before I left for my watery holiday, I posted this infographic sharing 10 spring idioms by Macmillan Education on my Facebook Page. Its cheerfulness and colour remind me of all that is special about spring – sun, daffodils, bees, tulips, lambs and sheep in the fields (of which we saw plenty in Wales) and green grass. It is also the time to celebrate Easter with all that chocolate in the shape of eggs and bunnies. I thought I’d expand on this infographic by giving you an example sentence to show you how each idiom is used. You already have the definitions. So here goes. 1.

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