Book Maker for Kids!


I’ve got a question for you, what kind of books did you use to look for when you were little? To be absolutely honest, I looked for the ones full of images 😛 because the pictures used to give me clues about what the writer wanted me to understand and feel when reading the book. This Book creator is just WONDERFUL! it’s meant to be used by younger learners but I would say it’s a great tool to hook our students on writing even if they are teens or older. It’s an interactive way to express your ideas and create great and short stories, using images to which you can give motion, and feelings. You can have several characters interacting in your book and even choose the settings and items you want to include in every page. They let you see how the book will look like by clicking on preview, but once you have clicked on END, you won’t be able to go back to the pages nor made any change.

After finishing your book, you can download it on a PDF file, they give you a code, which you have to remember  so that you can have access to it; you can also publish it on the online library so that all the people who finds it, can read it and comment on its content as well.  It’s a marvelous way to engage your students on writing, why don’t you give your students and yourself the chance to create stories this way?