Livemocha vs Busuu




Both sites are language communities, they have similarities but they have differences as well. I have tried both of them and I recommend them amply not only to practise or learn ANY language, but also to work with your students at school, since it promotes self-directed learning.


In both of them you need to registered, either using an email account or linking your facebook account. You can also post your progress reports and any other information through your twitter account as well.

They both have two kinds of courses. The first one is a vocabulary kind which are for free, and the other are the pre-paid kind.  The difference is that in LIVEMOCHA you can get a golden key with just one payment and that would allow you to unlock all the courses you want to take.

One thing about BUSUU that I personally like a lot is that you are given not only the vocabulary, but also examples of phrases in which the words you are learning are used in context; they give you the pronunciation of the words and prompts with pictures to write a description afterwards. Unlike in LIVEMOCHA, in which you take the tests or write the texts with drills, in BUSUU they just show you the pictures of the vocabulary so that you can recall what you learnt and use the vocabulary or phrases properly.

In both sites you have the chance to chat with Native Speakers of the languague you are learning at anytime, but in BUSUU, it’s required to use what you have just learnt to move on  to the next levels. Actually you are given the option to take a test after one or two sessions so that you can figure out how much you have learnt.

In BUSUU, there is a part of every session in which they read a dialogue for you and then you take a test. In Both apps, you have the chance to check the meaning  of the words in your mother tongue too, however, LIVEMOCHA lets you do it only if you are taking the ACTIVE course.

In both apps,  you can help other users learn your own language, and  you are given extra points if you correct their work, that allows you to unlock courses that you are not offered for free.

In LIVEMOCHA, you can retake exams as many times as you want, although in BUSUU, you have only 3 opportunities to choose the right answer so if you fail, those points are discounted from your final score.

Check both sites, they both can be used through iphone and you can download flashcards, pdf files of the lessons and the audios as well. I assure you will learn lots of things from both of them.