Listen and Write: a new way to be dictated!

ImageListen and Write is one focused on the improvement of the learner’s listening skill while you learn a little bit more about the worldwide issues and important deeds. I consists basically in a dictation since the identify what words or phrases are being said during the videos or audio you choose and type them in the space provided.  The greatest thing about it, is the fact that the information is REAL! so the learner not only tests and improves her/his listening and understanding skills, but also he/she can learn a lot about cultural, political, social and many other kinds of stuff.

The video is divided in phrases, you have to type what you hear and the phrase will be heard by you over and over until you finish the phrase correctly. There’s a hint button in case you don’t know all the vocabulary implicit, but you have to keep in mind that after too many tries to type the write word, will be equal to lose some points from your final score. If you write an incorrect letter, it’s gonna be deleted automatically until you find the write one.


There are three different modes to work it. The firs one is “full mode”. In that one, you have to write full words and sentences. In the “quick mode” you will type just the first letter of every word you hear; and in the “blank mode” you will have a text with a certain number of blanks. You will have to fill in the blanks to complete the script of the video or audio.

You need to get registered so that you can keep track on your progress, and after you finish an exercise, they will tell you at what point of the exercise ranking you are  at and how many people have done the same exercise and, depending on the time they made on doing it, how good you are compared to them.

It’s a pretty good way to be dictated in a non-conventional way!