Now, it’s time to start talking about interesting things;, for instance,  is a free to use platform through which ANYONE can become a radio announcer or host. Click here to hear one of my shows  🙂

Giving voice to your ideas!

As an ESL teacher, I’ve used it mainly to motivate students to speak and to improve their pronunciation; nevertheless, you can not only broadcast your own shows giving your opinions about lots of real life issues, but you can also listen to NATIVE SPEAKERS talking about the same things, improving your listening skills and making a comparison between your sounds and theirs. This such an interesting platform helps students expose themselves to  language differences in accent, speed and gives them the opportunity to analyze and discuss  important cultural aspects  and views about life with their peers in other countries.

We can also use it to inform the students and other members of the school community about up- coming  events arranged  by the school managers or any others that could be worth them to attend. The idea is to use it as often as possible, it will trigger the students curiosity and creativity.

It’s very easy to use; it allows you to see how popular your shows are and how many people are listening to you per day, week or month. On the other hand, after having broadcasted your show, it’s automatically recorded so that anyone can hear it afterwards and download it in a mp3 format. You are also informed about how many people download your shows, so don’t worry, you will know for sure if you’re becoming popular on internet or not 🙂

You have to upload the music you want to play during the episodes. Then, you have to click on the Broadcast  icon and you will be asked whether you want to broadcast live or you just want to upload a file you can make beforehand on any other software or website, what makes it easier for people like me, who get nervous at times and make many mistakes while speaking. You can take your time recording your show in your cellphone or computer recorder and then just upload it to spreaker for it to be perfect before publishing it.

Afterwards, you just have to decide what songs you want to play and use the  console. Remember, it’s very important to have a microphone installed before starting any episode.

One of the most interesting and useful things about spreaker, is the fact that you can link it to SKYPE so that you can have interviews on real time with one or several people from all over the world at the same time.

Also, when you start or finish broadcasting , if you link your account with your other social network profiles, your show is  published right away to let your contacts know about it and giving you the chance to  increase your audience little by little.

I recommend this platform not only to show your students that learning  a new language can be useful in real life, but also to teach them to give  the value their thoughts and points of view deserve by using  their voices on internet.