Lang-8 helping each other to write better! is one of my latest discoveries. It’s a language community focused basically on the writing correction. It can be used also as a blog but you have keep in mind that hundreds of people can read your entries, and that they can even download them in  PDF files.

I liked this site because Native Speakers of many different languages help each other learn their  own ones, but mainly because it  entails real communication, since they not only proofread, but also comment on the topics as well, giving you the change to reply and start a great discussion afterwards.

I can tell that it’s very easy to use since they separate the paragraphs by lines and provide you with spaces to write the corrections and comments, which can be about grammar or even cultural stuff and colloquial expressions. You can link your account with other social network profiles of yours so that  your friends can be notified when you post a new entry; besides, you can check who has viewed your profile, entries and the dates when you posted them in a calendar.

They rate your texts and there’s a section where they tell you how you’re improving comparing your grades to other users’. I absolutely recommend this website, but as a teacher I would suggest you to use it first, and then try it with your students. Be really careful because as I said, the privacy settings allow you to decide who can view your entries but still people can download what you write.